Jobs at Sounds

Connecting the world through music

With millions of users from all around the world, Sounds is the fastest growing social platform for music. Our mission is to connect the world with music by making it easier to discover and share music with friends.

What We're Building

We are building the future of music.

We are reinventing how people experience music with friends on mobile.

We are building the best tech, product and music team in the industry: Core, Growth, Messaging w/ AI & Camera.

Sounds is an app, on iPhone and Android, to listen to music, like songs, share them with your friends and chat about your favorite tracks. Free download on

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Jobs at Sounds

Sounds Team

Rhai Goburdhun
CEO and founder @Sounds
Matthieu De Canteloube
CTO and co-founder at Sounds.
Amanda Van West
I've been working in the crazy, exciting, disruptive world of startups and entertainment for over 9 years. Specializing in content, community, and marketing.
Rémi Louf
CSO @Sounds - We're hiring data & research scientsts ✌️
Thomas Vimare
Lead Designer at Sounds
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