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People trust friends not ads.

At Social Nature, we believe that people trust friends not ads. So we've taken it upon ourselves to create a word-of-mouth marketing machine that is disrupting the way that brands market their products to consumers. Read More

What We're Building

At Social Nature we believe that everyday consumers can be just as influential as popular bloggers or celebrities. Our community of Everyday Influencers sign up to Social Nature to try new products and share what they love with friends on social media. Brands get authentic word-of-mouth marketing that is targeted, measurable and scalable.

We also have a commitment to promoting good stuff not junk.

"​In the past, brands may have focused on popular bloggers and celebrities but today there is a new wave of 'everyday'​ consumers that can have just as large an impact."​ (Forbes)

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Open Positions


Annalea Krebs
Eco Marketing Maven. Founder of @Social Nature Previously founded @ethicalDeal (acquired)
Mike Wilson
CTO @Social Nature, Full-Stack Web Developer
Sophia Aoki
Worked at, Studied at Simon Fraser University

Our Investors

Scott Lake
Founder of Hello Ventures. Co-Founder of @Shopify. Experience in leading consumer and enterprise web-app companies. 15 years of startup experience.
Jonathan Bixby
General Partner Stanley Park Ventures BOA for Founded Ironpoint sold to Active Network (ACTV), founded Strangeloop sold to Radware (RDWR).
Russell Ovans
Founded @Backstage Technologies, acquired by @Realnetworks. PhD in Computer Science from SFU. Former university lecturer in software engineering.
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