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University Ambassador at Socialeyes

San Francisco, Remote · Internship

We love to think out of the box. We believe that the current solutions in the market lack lots of user perspective and we are very passionate and dedicated to solve these problems to make socializing a better experience.

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Job Description

We have put great passion into creating a new way of socializing.
Now it's time to spread the word and grow our community.

As a University Representative you will help us finding new members for our community within your campus. You will be a highly active community member as well as part of our team. 

You can gain lots of experience in marketing by promoting via appropriate marketing channels (Facebook groups, University job boards, parties, etc). We are open to creative minds and new ways of reaching out to the world. Feel free to come up with creative ideas of hacking the campus. 

We are continually trying to improve our users experience. Finding ways to help our users with their first steps on Socialeyes will be part of your responsibility. You will offer support to Socialeyes users to ensure their experience is simple, beneficial and enjoyable. In cooperation with our community manager, you will provide feedback we need to continuously improve. 

Most important, you will be part of a great team.  

Passionate souls will be rewarded with lots of experience and access to a great network of diverse minds.

The ideal new player we are searching for our team...

- Engaged Social Media user and understanding of appropriate content formats for each platform

- Strong communication skills... able to connect to a dozens of students and invite them to be part of a new way of socializing! Seriously!

- Creative problem solver and confident to reach out to “cold” contacts

- Comfortable working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment; we are seeking for team players not lonely fighters 

- Intuitive understanding of what Socialeyes does

- A true go-getter attitude

- Must be following Socialeyes on Angel List

Feel free to come up with more reasons why you are the perfect match

* College students at Universities in Istanbul are preferred. 

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What We're Building

Socialeyes is a mobile app that uses a pre-defined activities to enable you to make plans on the fly with friends who are nearby. We are different from other solutions because we focus on Near Future Activities.

You select an activity (mood), then choose a location and then simply tap share button, that easy! You've just created an open invitation that went as push notification to nearby friends. If the friends choose to join this activity, both will earn substantial number of points because this is the whole purpose of the app!

Socialeyes is a social game. The more social you are, the more points you will earn. Our goal is to bring people together by giving them a chance to socialize in real life. Hence the name, Socialeyes!

The beauty of Socialeyes is that it gives you a chance to tell what you want to do simply with only 3 taps and you get to do this in a cool way. This way your friends get notified when you are up for an activity and can join you on the go.

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Socialeyes Team

David Lipgens
I am fascinated about people and technology. Trying to bring those passions together as often as possible...

Socialeyes Investors

Orkun Doruk Dogramaci
Koc University