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Social Leverage is a partnership that invests in exceptional entrepreneurs in the technology space. We partner with promising companies, bringing our own entrepreneurial expertise, relationships, and marketing experience to the fore. Our portfolio companies benefit from our hands on involvement in all stages of development. More pointedly, social leverage is about leveraging our extensive network of industry relationships and expertise to help grow great companies and build great products.


We indicate to syndicate our dealflow through the closing of Social Leverage Capital Fund III, LP. We are currently preparing for Fund III now and deploying into new syndicates from Fund II.

Gary Benitt
General Partner @social-leverage, formerly founder & COO of @assistly and @goowy   
Tom Peterson
General Partner & CEO @SocialLeverage Group of Companies, 15+ years Angel Investing, Family, Hockey, Skiing, Golf, 7/8s Canadian.
Howard Lindzon
Public & private market investor. Founder @stocktwits. General Partner-Social Leverage. Creator of Wallstrip. Popcorn lover. Investing for profit and joy.
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Acquired for $780M in 2012
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Acquired for $450M in 2015
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Went public in 2019
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Acquired by Salesforce for $70M in 2012
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Acquired by Salesforce for $50M in 2011
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Ty Danco
Have retired, making no further new investments. Not taking down my AngelList account--I need the company tracking--but I've happily faded out into the sunset.
Can help with
“I listen and ask questions. Expertise in Fintech and enterprise sales, happy to review pitch decks/sales materials. Introductions to East Coast investors and...more
Scott and Cyan Banister
Seed investors; Founder @ironport @topsy; Board Member @paypal @postmates
Jeremy Levine
Founder/CEO @playdraft. Investor in 40+ startups.
Vasu Kulkarni
Founder / CEO of @krossover , Managing Partner @courtside-ventures
Sundeep Ahuja
I've led 90+ Syndicates incl @mosaic @good-eggs @sandboxvr @starcity @notable-labs @livelyhsa; 3x Founder; Author; BS CS Stanford.
Steve Garfield
Social Media Traveler / Writer / Photographer / Founder: Boston Media Makers / Videoblogging Pioneer / Investor / Humorist /
Russell Cook
SVP Operations @postmates, Founder & CEO @alltrails, CTO @berecruited, Microsoft
Dave Schappell
Startup advisor/investor. Former Amazon Web Services Startup BD; Founder and CEO, @teachstreet. Early Amazonian. Amateur poker superstah. 1/2 of a Wharton MBA.
Tom is a member of the board and an active investor at BayIQ.
Jennifer Thronson
For Tom Peterson's investment at BayIQ
Howard is the man. What I respect about Howard (and his partner Tom Peterson at Social Leverage) is the amount of due diligence they did for a relatively small investment in us. After our initial meeting with them, they sent us tons of questions and we returned a 6 or 7 page document to them...more
Ethan Austin
Founder of a company Howard Lindzon took an intro to
Howard has helped us no end and he believed in us as founders before the product really emerged. Having Howard on your team is a must.
Ash Rust
Founder of a company Howard Lindzon invested in
Howard is of the most helpful investors I've worked with, and I regularly recommend him, particularly in the fin-tech space. A+
Nick Sullivan
For Howard Lindzon's investment at ChangeCoin
Howard is a true visionary who is willing to take risks and shoot for the stars in everything he does, and stand by his entrepreneurs!
Expertise in finance technology and media space.
Kyle Arbaugh
For Howard Lindzon's work with Stackin'
He's a bad ass! We need more people like him!
Claude Shires
For Howard Lindzon's work with Laugh Lounge
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