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Full Stack Developer at so-sure

London · Full Time
so-sure have redesigned insurance to take it back to its 17th century roots - when it was trusted. We have used technology and applied it to the original mutual model to ​re-align incentives across the value chain and provide our customers with​ better value, amazing experience and fantastic rewards. Read More
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Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Full Stack (Back-end focused) Web Developer to join so-sure. You will be moving into a key role within their development team and play an important part in implementing new features, improving performance and building a fantastic product and experience for their users.

The code-base is fairly new (<2 years old) and well-tested and we deploy to production several times/day. We're currently developing in PHP/Symfony 3 with MongoDb and we need someone who can jump in quickly on the codebase. There are plenty of opportunities to expand your skillset with projects in image processing, machine learning and devops on the immediate horizon.

We are looking for a thoughtful, well-rounded developer with experience in both back and front-end development and a good knowledge of the latest tools, methodologies and best practice.


- Working closely with and supporting the CTO
- Designing and developing new features
- Investigating and resolving defects
- Working collaboratively to tackle complex problems and make important decisions
- Estimating and planning development tasks
- Advising on feasibility and complexity of potential features
- Identifying and implementing improvements for reliability, scalability and performance
- Finding efficient ways to meet key business objectives
- You are a good communicator, excellent problem solver, quick learner and can work independently as well as part of a team.

Skills and experience:

- Symfony
- JavaScript (JQuery)
- Databases - both Sql & NoSql
- Fantastic organizational and multitasking skills
- Friendly, well balanced individual.
- Team player, who also works well, independently.
- Somebody who likes to get involved
- You care about quality and you know what it means to ship high quality code.
- Problem Solver
- Likes a challenge
- Innovator

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What We're Building

We provide consumers better and up to 80% cheaper insurance.

We do so by taking insurance back to its 17th century roots, when incentives were aligned across the value chain and customers got money back when there were no claims.

Our ambitions are global and across consumers lines and we started by addressing the £1bn UK cell phone insurance market.

- easy to buy
- reliable, transparent cover
- painless swift claim process with next working day phone delivery - vs 4-18 days by competition

- start off with up to 40% cheaper than mobile networks' insurance
- connect to your friends and when none of you claim, you get up to 80% money back

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so-sure Team

Dylan Bourguignon
Founder of so-sure Previously: - co-founder of Cycle Syndicate and Growth 365 - private equity investor in insurance
Patrick McAndrew
CTO at so-sure.
Marta Datkiewicz
Founding team @WAYN • CPO • Product Mentor @Launch48 et al • Start-up advisor

so-sure Investors

Duncan Grierson
Tech entrepreneur and investor