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Healthy, delicious lunches for offices

You want to experience a start-up which offers interesting, new challenges? You want to work in an international team, while quickly building your career? And you want to do all of this while stuffing yourself on delicious food? Read More

What We're Building

Smunch is Smart Lunch!

We're a food technology startup, out to build the future of workplace lunches.

We live by the simple belief that eating well is a key to a happier life. So, we’re on a mission – to make it easy for companies to provide healthy, mindful food for their employees.

We take great pride in our attention to detail – from designing a balanced menu, carefully selecting our food partners, to bringing lunches in environmentally friendly packaging. All of this, so your hardworking teams can have a smart lunch at work, without the work.

Smunch is headquartered in Berlin, DE.

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Shivram Ayyagari
CEO, Co-Founder, Perpetually: Curious Previously: Group Strategy, Delivery Hero • Founder, Gofer It • VC (Asia, Europe) • MBA, IIM Ahmedabad
Marco Sebald
everything you possible could imagine :)

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Dr. Alexander Hartmann
Business Lawyer with Big-Law Education

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