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We are a social media marketing automation company. We created this platform after 2 years of market survey, understanding the need of the small & medium businesses, social media agents and leveraging our extensive knowledge of AI and machine learning technology. Our tool, SmatSocial, is adept at content curation to ensure they get relevant content to keep their followers engaged leveraging the existing trending content available on the internet, help them create custom content and to aid them in growing their follower count. Sharing and scheduling posts on an everyday basis are just a cinch now, leaving them with ample time to plan their marketing and business strategy. Many companies have utilized SmatSocial for managing their social media at 70% low cost and saving 100 hours every month.

The best part is SmatSocial can auto-respond to their followers' comments by classifying them under positive, negative, suggestions etc. categories accurately as well as suggest relevant profiles to follow on Twitter and Instagram to boost their follower growth.

What We're Building

SmatSocial is first of helps marketers in automating:
1. Trending Content Creation
2. Lead Generation
3. Customer Engagement
4. Notifications & Alerts
5. Report Generation.
Powered by SmatSocial AI Engine it can detect positive & negative Sentiments, Suggestions, Complaints, Questions, Comparisons, Spams & Abusive comments from a given text.It can also understand miss-spelled, Shortcuts, Bilingual/Codemix (Hindi + English) which are most frequent in any social media data to give most accurate results.

FeltSo received Hot 100 startup awards !!
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Jobs at SmatSocial

SmatSocial Team

thota santosh
Founder & CEO of @FeltSo • Worked at @Oracle India Pvt Limited • Studied at @Iit Guwahati
Souvik Das
Full Stack dev + Data Scientist
Pattan ZinnaKhan
Worked at @feltso-ai, @SmatSocial
uday kiran reddy kondreddy
KLU CS- Python Developer, Machine Learning enthusiast,Android Developer

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SmatSocial Investors

Amit Jain
Adviser, Investor, Mentor & Venture Partner with 15+ yrs of experience in Investments & Cross Border M&A. Interested in Tech, Logistic & Media Startups.

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