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SaaS Product Marketer / Growth Marketer at SmarterQueue

London, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Remote · Full Time

SmarterQueue is a ground-breaking social media scheduling tool. It solves the problems that people are still facing with time-consuming manual tasks, and low engagement. Ultimately, the platform saves users over 5 hours per week, and increases the effectiveness of their social media content up to 300%.
Our product hasn't officially launched yet, but we already have hundreds of paying beta customers, and thousands of people on our waiting list, all from word-of-mouth referrals.

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Job Description

We are a looking for an experienced product/growth marketer to scale up our growth.

SmarterQueue has had impressive acquisition from referrals and influencer reviews, and is now ready to reach 10x more customers.

You love running analysing data, running experiments, optimising conversion funnels, referrals, influencer outreach, and running data-driven marketing initiatives.

Please note that this position is a 100% remote position, strictly for UK residents.

NO OUTSOURCED TEAMS/AGENCIES - we are looking for an individual to join our team

About Us

SmarterQueue is a ground-breaking social media management tool.

It solves the problems that people are still facing with time-consuming manual tasks, and low engagement.

Ultimately, the platform saves users over 5 hours per week, and increases the effectiveness of their social media content up to 300%.

Responsibilities Include:

- Optimising our landing pages to increase sign up conversions
- Creating and optimising product marketing material - understanding user personas, demographics, their problems and needs, and how to present the product benefits/features
- Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) for our funnel, from landing page signups, through onboarding, revenue, and referrals
-Tracking, analysing and reporting on data for customer acquisition, onboarding, and lifetime engagement - using Amplitude, Google Analytics, internal dashboards, and SQL queries
- Designing, executing and analysing A/B tests - including landing pages, marketing emails, audience targeting strategies, ad creative, and product changes
- Reporting on the CAC of all of our acquisition channels, so we can focus on the most effective channels
- Increasing customer acquisition through owned, earned, and paid channels
- Managing paid marketing campaigns, optimising keywords, copy, media, targeting, bids
- Researching and analysing competitor ads, keywords, and experiments
- Optimising our drip emails and mailing list to help activate and retain users
- Analysing and improving SEO performance for our blog and landing pages
- Analysing usage throughout the product, and experimenting with product changes to improve conversion
- Developing innovative growth solutions through strategic thinking and creative analytics
- Working with influencers and affiliates to amplify our reach
- Preparing and presenting weekly analytics reports and progress on experiments
- Working with our Customer Success team to get customer insights, and understand the “why” behind drop-offs and churn

You'll notice very little emphasis on paid ad experience - we are not looking for someone whose experience is around paid ad campaigns and traditional marketing acquisition. While we do want to reach new customers, we have a large volume of existing traffic that we need to convert better.


- You are 100% data-driven. Seriously.

- You live and breathe SaaS, data, and growth-hacking, and could give a talk about each of these terms: CAC, LTV, churn, retention, Pirate Metrics, conversion funnels, onboarding. You regularly read

- Deep knowledge of social media management tools, and social media strategy (to understand our customers’ goals and needs)

- Experience with SaaS analytics and event-tracking tools (Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Analytics)

- Copywriting (product marketing (describing the product, features, benefits), marketing emails)

- Deep familiarity with A/B and multivariate experiments

- Strong analytical skills and experience generating reports

- Landing page layout/copy (part of A/B tests)

- Native English Speaker (or equivalent proficiency), with excellent communication skills

- Extremely detail- and quality-oriented

- Self-motivated, experienced in working in a high-growth SaaS startup, and remote working

* Must be a resident in the UK


- Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints

How to Apply

Please apply via AngelList, and provide links to your CV, specific examples of relevant projects, and desired salary.

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What We're Building

Social media scheduling, done properly.
Evergreen Recycling, Content Categories, Content Curation, and Awesome Analytics.
Think Buffer on steroids.

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