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Smarter Social Media Sharing

SmarterQueue is a ground-breaking social media scheduling tool. It solves the problems that people are still facing with time-consuming manual tasks, and low engagement. Ultimately, the platform saves users over 5 hours per week, and increases the effectiveness of their social media content up to 300%.
Our product hasn't officially launched yet, but we already have hundreds of paying beta customers, and thousands of people on our waiting list, all from word-of-mouth referrals.

What We're Building

Social media scheduling, done properly.
Evergreen Recycling, Content Categories, Content Curation, and Awesome Analytics.
Think Buffer on steroids.

Jobs at SmarterQueue

SmarterQueue Team

Claude Schneider
CEO & Founder, SmarterQueue Cambridge MA in Astrophysics & Computer Science.
Rebecca Cooper
Highly skilled early-stage startup professional. I've worked with brands as big as AMEX and A&E, and as small as 4-person startups!
Courtney Apps
Content Creator and Strategist @Courtney Apps Co.. Clients include @SmarterQueue, @MomentFeed and @OfficeNinjas. Marketing MBA @UBC.
Ilya Bogunov
worked at badoo, (russian linkedin, 5k mln users), was 1st employee for a startup
Emma Tiegan
A curious and entrepreneurial spirit. My passions are recruiting, training, developing and leading teams in fast paced, high energy environments.
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