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Kevin Colleran
Managing Director @slow-ventures focused on early stage technology investing. Previously one of the first 10 employees @facebook.
Sam Lessin
Intern, The Information, Partner @slow-ventures fmr VP of Product at @facebook. Founder of Investing, Skiing, Kitesurfing.
Will Quist
Partner @ Slow Ventures
Katie Hemmerling
VP of Finance at Slow Ventures
Dave Morin
Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist
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Acquired in 2017
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Acquired for $3.2B in 2014
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Went public in 2019
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Amitt Mahajan
Co-founder/CTO, @rare-bits; Managing Partner, @presence-capital; Co-creator, FarmVille; Investor in @airtable, @oyo-rooms, @flipkart, @uber + many others
Can help with
“Growth & marketing strategy, VC intros, potential hire intros”
Loic Le Meur
Founder of social software app @seesmic and LeWeb conference the #1 european tech conference
Andrew McCollum
CEO of @philo. Part of founding team at @facebook.
Eric Kwan
Managing Partner at Locus Ventures • Active Angel Investor • Founding Engineer at @operator • ex- @facebook , @yahoo , @oracle-1 • Alumni of Stanford, CMU
Ben Davenport
Co-founder @bitgo and @beluga (FB Messenger). Formerly @facebook @google @microsoft.
Andrew Crichton
Founder @levitate-media Inc 500/5000 2014-2018
Kevin Moore
Leeroy Jenkins of angels. Former tech i-banker, corp dev, CFO. @university-of-southern-california +250 portfolio >>
Jeff Heitzman
Syndicate Co-Lead @new-stack-ventures , Investor @tovala @embarktrucks @talamobile @rappi @kinsured @weave @boom @cybrary @superhuman @bolt @grabango
Can help with
“(Power-User Feedback, Customer Intros, Investor Intros, FinTech Expertise)
I invest in founders and products I am passionate about when I believe they can...more
Dave made some of the most qualified introductions during our raise and is one of the best brand thinkers out there. Get him on board if you can!
There is simply no better Angel to have on your team. Dave is connected to everyone, but more importantly, respected by everyone. His introductions are always instant, warm and well received. He genuinely cares, is unwavering in his support and does whatever it takes to make almost anything...more
Brilliant entrepreneur
Dave has a real knack for spotting trends and great ideas, products, and people -- especially in the world of consumer products. He's got great insight into branding and the DNA of successful startups.
Dave's super-bright and clearly possesses a crystal ball that allows him to gaze into the future of technology. In addition, he knows everyone and has a tremendous network.
I'd recommend Dave in a heartbeat. We worked together closely at Facebook and his advice and insight had huge impact on many of the projects we worked on there. One of the strongest platform and product thinkers I know.
Dave the entrepreneur is a man with insane drive. He requires his products have a level of fit and finish that only Apple would appreciate. I'm consistently impress by every product/feature he creates. On the investing front, Dave and I have co-invested in many deals, he's the swiss army...more
Dave may be the most well connected product and design-minded entrepreneur one can cross paths with. Don't pass up the opportunity to work with him.
Dave is unique among entrepreneurs and investors. He has the heart of a creative innovator and the mind of a seasoned businessman. I have been lucky enough to know him since his days at Apple. He is a man of strong integrity. For every moment I have spent mentoring him his knowledge and...more
Dave was an investor in Foodspotting and was always supportive and encouraging. I appreciated his "slow startup" philosophy and was honored to have him as a part of our team. One of the best things is the network he created -- there's a private group for his startups on Facebook...more
Everyone is going to tell you that Dave is one of the most thoughtful, insightful product guys out there, and they're totally right. What you don't hear is how much of an impact he can offer around the inflection points of your startup's life, such as launch, fundraising, publicity,...more
Product Visionary, Great Entrepreneur
Sam Liang
For Dave Morin's investment at
Sam is incredible - I've never known anyone who approaches the world with such rigorous curiosity. As CEO of, he defined opportunities by growing deep understanding of the historical way markets have moved and how industries have changed, and then applied those learnings to what was...more
Sam is brilliant, one of the sharpest minds I've ever been around.
When I first met Sam, he came to the firm I was at looking for help building what would become I was put on the project and thought to myself, this won't work. Turns out, after a few months of hard work and seeing how much passion and vision Sam truly had as a tech entrepreneur, I...more
Sam is one of the smartest people I know. His intellectual horsepower combined with unconventional thinking makes him one of a kind.
Sam is incredibly sharp and extremely focused. He has an uncanny ability to get others out of their comfort zones and elevate them, which makes him a great leader.
Sam was the founder/CEO of before we were acquired by Facebook. He pairs incredible product vision with a gritty ability to execute for a truly unique entrepreneurial capability. He is a well-grounded leader who inspires his team and doesn't balk at working in the trenches. I would...more
Sam is a great advisor!
Carrie Denning
For Sam Lessin's work with The Rook
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