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Team communication for the 21st century

We want great talent and inspiring leaders in all areas: from business operations to product design and general management. If you want to join a startup that's making an outsized impact (and that's making a lot of people happy) please get in touch. We value diversity, experience, gumption and panache. And a good vocabulary.

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Slack is a messaging platform for teams that brings all communication together, creating a single unified archive accessible through powerful search. Launched in February 2014, Slack is the fastest growing B2B application ever and used by over 3 million daily active users.

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Judy Wang
Group Product Marketing Lead @Slack - growth, user adoption, marketing, internationalization, artificial intelligence, mobile and desktop apps, and more
April Underwood
Head of Platform, Slack #Angels Product roles: * Twitter (Ads, Data, Syndication) * Google (Content Partnerships, Monetization) * Travelocity (partner platform)
Jason Spinell
SlackFund @Slack ; Previously Ventures Director @Undercurrent, & co-founder of @Precog ; @Techstars alum.
Richard Crowley
Operations engineer @Betable, founder of @DevStructure, and equal-opportunity technology hater.
Matt Haughey
Founder, @MetaFilter Network, Inc.
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Our Investors

Megan Quinn
General Partner at Spark Capital. Previously built products for people @Square & @Google.
Bradley Horowitz
VP Product at @Google
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