Software Engineer - Embedded at Skydio

Redwood City · Full Time

We are working on important technology in a rapidly growing market: navigation for drones. Join us and help define the interface for the greatest tool of our generation.

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Job Description

Reliable embedded firmware will act as the brain stem of the autonomous camera -- bridging the gap between the algorithms and the sensors/mechanical hardware. You will contribute to the development and implementation of the core software that makes the vehicle fly.


- Take ownership of design and implementation of the embedded S/W that runs on the vehicle
- Bring up and debug new hardware
- Write interfaces and drivers for sensors and other devices
- Interface between the real-time requirements of the hardware, and the high level algorithms
- Participate in board design and schematic review, helping to select key components, interfaces, and protocols


- Modern C++ in an embedded context
- Ability to write clean code with appropriate abstraction boundaries
- Experience working with embedded microcontrollers
- Experience with embedded toolchains and build systems
- Experience writing firmware / embedded code on devices shipped in large volumes
- Ability to understand the algorithmic considerations in play

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What We're Building

Our fundamental goal is to deliver the power and magic of flying cameras without the complexity. Current drones are cool gadgets for enthusiasts but still a curiosity to mainstream consumers. Our belief is that advanced onboard computer vision and artificial intelligence, combined with world class hardware product design, will yield a breakthrough that makes drones a trusted part of our daily lives.

A big part of what excites us not just what we’re building today, but the possibilities ahead. Onboard intelligence is an architecture not a feature. This intelligence is rooted in a fundamental connection between algorithms, compute hardware, and sensors, which fuels our dedication to building world-class software and hardware teams.

If these are problems you'd like to help solve, we'd love to hear from you.

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