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Hire the best people your employees know

Recruiting is broken. It's impersonal and manual. Companies waste time and money searching for candidates and sending cold emails without any true idea if that person is a fit for their business. Simppler makes it easy for companies to hire from their best source of talent--the amazing people their employees already know.

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What We're Building

Simppler is a data driven employee referral platform built by the industry's top data scientists. We find top talent through your existing employee network.

The recruiting industry is broken. Cold calling and emailing potential candidates are both time consuming and ineffective. The best talent is found through employee referrals.

To address this, Simppler has created a sophisticated machine-learning recommendation tool to help companies discover the best talent through their existing employee networks. Employees can now help recruiters find the best fit candidates by endorsing people in their social, professional, and academic networks.

We add the missing human element to the recruiting process. We help companies find and hire the best people through ‘their’ people.

Interested to know more? Ping us at and find out how we can help your company today.

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Simppler Team

Vipul Sharma
ceo/co-founder @Simppler Building a fearless team, bottoms-up culture and a delightful product at @Simppler worked at @Eventbrite, @Digg, @Proofpoint
Shikhar Mishra
Product & Design @Scalable Press • Cofounder @Simppler • Led Engineering at @Eventbrite, @World Wide Technology • Studied at @University of Missouri, Saint Louis
Michael Norland
Head of Growth Marketing @Simppler Previously at @AdRoll Group, @Twitter, and @Heinz Ketchup Studied at @Duke University MBA and @Lehigh University
Brett Bazzini
10+ years of Sales, Success, Enablement, and Operations experience from startups to publicly traded organizations.
Ankur Mishra
Founding Data Science team for Simppler, Bangalore.
Ashwin Pattan
Working at Simppler. Previously with Infinera. System programming and web backend programming experience. B.Tech from NIT, Calicut in Computer Science.
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Simppler Investors

Jonathan Goldman
Founder at @Level Up Analytics; Dir of analytics at Aster Data; early @LinkedIn data scientist; PhD Physics Stanford; MIT undergrad
Shu Duan
Seasoned banker specializing in capital market advisory & financing. Active angel & VC investor
Rami Habal
Entrepreneurial product executive: marketing, strategy, execution, technical @Proofpoint (ipo) @Reverb (acq) @Amazon Alexa @Mohr Davidow Ventures @MIT Angels
Adeyemi Ajao
Co founder of @Tuenti Technologies , @Identified , @Cabify Currently VP of Product Stretegy @Workday & Investor in multiple startups
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