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Better business through people analytics

At Simply Get Results we help our clients improve their financial performance through data analytics. We do this by analysing the relationship between data on their people and their business and financial data. Our algorithms and experience of what has worked before helps to inform the actions our clients can take to reduce cost, accelerate growth and optimise change.

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What We're Building

We sell a combination of cloud-hosted software and supporting service to our clients, enabling them to deliver better business outcomes. Our software combines our robust data model and algorithms (all the juicy intellectual property) with our leading edge forecasting and visualisation tools courtesy of our technology partners SAP. Our expert business and people analytics experts use the tool to help prioritise the insights which matter most for our clients, and in aggregate, draw out regional, global and market-wide trends.

Jobs at Simply Get Results

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    Data Analyst
    London · Full Time · £20k – £30k · 0.0% – 0.05%

Simply Get Results Team

John Guy
Founder/ COO @Simply Get Results - people analytics expert
Adam Stapleton
Experience with Python, Mathematical Modelling, Research, Automation, Growth Hacking, Data Analysis. First Class Honours in Theoretical Physics from UCD.

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