Simon Horrocks

Co-Founder of @Affix Music. Founding member The Freddy Jones Band. Former Artist Manager Survivor, Ciara & GM of Akon's Label. Co-President Ga Music Partners.

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Derick Burgher invested in Affix Music's previous round
Affix Music
Business to business iTunes
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Mgr. Partner, Flashpoint & MosleyVentures; President, @Imlay Investments. MSA (Acq: @Dun & Bradstreet), ISS (Acq: IBM), Witness Systems (IPO)
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The interface for your cloud services.
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A mom and CFO, with a really cool side job ...@Whynatte drinker
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over 2 years ago
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More TV licenses this week! MTV & NBC becoming GREAT repeat customers.

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