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Simon is a data-first marketing platform. We’re a technology-driven company on a mission to leverage big data and data science to message customers in a bespoke and responsive fashion. Our platform is built for scale, and we work with forward thinking brands including Blue Apron, TrueCar, and OpenTable.

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Job Description

Simon Data is an enterprise software company that enables businesses to effectively leverage all of their data to drive personalization and value for their customers. By understanding what customers have done and are doing, companies can effectively guide future behaviors.

Simon’s platform empowers businesses to do this by enabling non-technical users in marketing, support, and product roles to leverage core big data and data science efforts. Simon’s software works by sitting downstream of existing data systems, joining together multiple sources, and driving workflow automations and insights.

At Simon, our goal is to improve and optimize customer experiences by making the entire process, experimentation through analysis, a data-driven one.

Job Description

Great sales organizations are built on focus, cohesion, drive, and - of course - a winning product. At Simon, we've found a rapidly-expanding sweet spot in marketing software and are growing our sales team to take advantage of that opportunity.
The sales team at Simon is well-supported by a mature account development function, a progressive go-to-market process, and a great customer base of savvy companies. The product is currently in use by top marketing and data teams at companies like Blue Apron, Casper, OpenTable, and TrueCar.

As an Enterprise Account Executive, you'll be a key contributor to growing the bottom line in an essential new SaaS category, backed by some of the best technologists in the world. In the role, you’ll have the opportunity to:

- Build relationships with top CMOs and CEOs at F1000 companies, helping them solve mission-critical problems.

- Evolve the commercialization strategy for a high-growth startup, backed by top investors.

- Tap into the deep networks of the founders and key advisors to drive deal-flow and pipeline velocity.

- Leverage a best-in-class account development function to support top-of-funnel activity.

- Collaborate with a product and engineering team that is passionate about quality, staying ahead of the curve, teamwork, and supporting customer objectives.


- Deep background selling marketing and/or data solutions to major enterprise accounts (i.e. F1000), with contract values well north of $1m annually.

- Specific experience at companies with similar product shape and/or category adjacency is a major plus (e.g. SFMC/ExactTarget, Responsys, AgilOne, MuleSoft).

- Clear track record of meeting and exceeding sales goals, ideally the top performer on your team for multiple quarters.

- Ability to anticipate deal velocity and project pipeline progression.

- Strong notions of sales hygiene and product/market alignment.

- Sales management experience is not necessary, but valuable.

- Early stage experience at a high-growth SaaS company is also a major plus.

- Collaborative style when working across teams - strong communication skills are essential.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.

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What We're Building

Data is the key to modern marketing. Yet operationalizing all of the data you collect has historically been both labor-intensive and error-prone. Simon changes all of that by eliminating the pain from three of the most friction-laden marketing activities:

- Unifying disparate data sources
- Connecting your data to your marketing channels
- Running rigorous tests and tracking results downstream

Simon does this by sitting between all of your data sources, giving you the ability to create bespoke customer segments using any combination of criteria. Simon then powers smart, automated workflows that connect these segments to all of your marketing channels, all with a built-in suite of testing and reporting tools to help you optimize every aspect of your lifecycle marketing.

Our co-founder's band rocking out at our holiday party.
The most important things I looked for in my job search were engineering challenges; team passion, collaboration, and expertise; a solid product future; and quality of life. Simon nails every single one of those. Since my first day, I haven't looked back. The team here and the product we're building are exactly what I was looking for.
The 2016 Summer offsite in Montreal!
Our not-so professional photo shoot at our April 2017 offsite in Soho.
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How many people are you hiring in the next year?
On the engineering side, we are optimistically looking at hiring 2-3 engineers in the next few months.
Benjamin Van Every
Software Engineer at Simon Data since 2016
What makes Simon Data a unique place to work at?
Finding an exciting startup in New York City isn't that challenging. What's much harder is finding one built on experience. Our founding team at Simon has decades of successful experience between them. That experience has taught them that what it takes to be successful is much more than just a great idea. It takes things like strong leadership, mentorship, great people, hard work, and execution.
Benjamin Van Every
Software Engineer at Simon Data since 2016

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Scott Belsky
Investor, Venture Partner @Benchmark Capital , Founder/CEO @Behance (now @Adobe Systems ) ; Author; Aspiring for a positive slope.
David Tisch
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