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Simon is a data-first marketing platform. We’re a technology-driven company on a mission to leverage big data and data science to message customers in a bespoke and responsive fashion. Our platform is built for scale, and we work with forward thinking brands including Blue Apron, TrueCar, and OpenTable.

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Job Description

--- "Simon Data is seeking a Customer Success Manager to lead strategic client engagements,
drive renewals, and push process improvements.. This role is ideal for someone who’s
excited to work hard in a fast paced environment and learn what it takes to build
an enterprise SaaS business. \n\nLead customer engagements: \nSimon’s Customer Success
Managers serve as the primary point person with our clients - high growth venture
backed companies and leading enterprise brands - leading every phase of the post-sale
relationship. Simon CSMs are responsible for maximizing client platform value, helping
to develop and implement strategies resulting in millions of incremental revenue
for clients.\nThis includes:\n- Engaging with business and marketing leaders to
understand their strategy in using our platform, and the retention marketing and
data teams to implement that strategy. This includes leading data driven and product
discussions with business leaders\n- Work with our customers on data analysis to
help drive their retention marketing and customer lifecycle goals.\n\nBuild client
relationships: \nCustomer Success Managers are responsible for client engagement
across the platform and ensuring overall client happiness and renewals. There are
a number of ways to accomplish this:There are a number of ways to accomplish this:\n-
Increasing the services and the value that Simon provides our customers\n- Negotiating
to drive renewals by ensuring platform value is realized to fullest extent\n- Generating
referrals through introductions from current happy clients\n- Socializing with our
customers on a regular basis\n- Educating customers on new product offerings and
drive adoption\n\t\nChampion processes and product improvements: \nSimon’s fast
growth naturally poses strategic and operational challenges. As such, Simon is constantly
seeking to improve our efficiency and effectiveness, and CSMs work with all stakeholders
to drive these initiatives across the platform. Examples:\n- Develop materials,
tools, and processes to drive efficient and effective integrations of our product
with our clients’ systems\n- Work closely with technical and product teams to determine
the short and long term product roadmap - be the voice of the customer to drive
product initiatives\n- Developing a referral system for happy clients\n- Developing
systems to streamline the engineering support we offer clients post-integration\n-
Compiling training materials to keep clients well ­versed in the nuances of our
complex product offerings \n\nIdeal Candidate\n\n- 2-6 years experience in consulting,
banking or other client ­facing roles\n- Strong business acumen, able to strategically
partner with clients \n- Strong project management and individual organizational
skills\n- Results-driven strategic thinker who is able to thrive in an unstructured
and fast-paced environment\n- Deep analytical skill set, black belt in Excel or
BI platform\n- Experienced working with data in SQL\n- Programming language experience
a plus\n- Thoughtful, curious and a problem solver\n- Personable, collaborative,
and a sense of humor\n- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics,
Economics or other quantitative discipline"

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What We're Building

Data is the key to modern marketing. Yet operationalizing all of the data you collect has historically been both labor-intensive and error-prone. Simon changes all of that by eliminating the pain from three of the most friction-laden marketing activities:

- Unifying disparate data sources
- Connecting your data to your marketing channels
- Running rigorous tests and tracking results downstream

Simon does this by sitting between all of your data sources, giving you the ability to create bespoke customer segments using any combination of criteria. Simon then powers smart, automated workflows that connect these segments to all of your marketing channels, all with a built-in suite of testing and reporting tools to help you optimize every aspect of your lifecycle marketing.

The 2016 Summer offsite in Montreal!
The most important things I looked for in my job search were engineering challenges; team passion, collaboration, and expertise; a solid product future; and quality of life. Simon nails every single one of those. Since my first day, I haven't looked back. The team here and the product we're building are exactly what I was looking for.
Our co-founder's band rocking out at our holiday party.
Our not-so professional photo shoot at our April 2017 offsite in Soho.
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How many people are you hiring in the next year?
On the engineering side, we are optimistically looking at hiring 2-3 engineers in the next few months.
Benjamin Van Every
Software Engineer at Simon Data since 2016
What makes Simon Data a unique place to work at?
Finding an exciting startup in New York City isn't that challenging. What's much harder is finding one built on experience. Our founding team at Simon has decades of successful experience between them. That experience has taught them that what it takes to be successful is much more than just a great idea. It takes things like strong leadership, mentorship, great people, hard work, and execution.
Benjamin Van Every
Software Engineer at Simon Data since 2016

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Investor, Venture Partner @Benchmark Capital , Founder/CEO @Behance (now @Adobe Systems ) ; Author; Aspiring for a positive slope.
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