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What We're Building

Geek University is a web portal with a series of high quality IT courses. We've covered topics such as Cisco CCNA, Linux, VMware vSphere product suite, Python, Raspberry Pi... Right now, all courses are free and available to anyone.

The portal is developed as a learning management system. This means that a user can create his/her own profile and track the progress, communicate with other members, create forum topics, etc. After the student finishes the course, the instructor will evaluate his progress and award a certificate.

All courses are currently offered in the text-only form. It is possible that we will offer video courses in the future. Since the portal is currently offered as an LMS, we have an option to offer other instructors to create their own courses.

We've enabled the LMS option a week ago. Currently (end of January) we have about 100 registered users and about 250 users per day. We also have an CCNA application on Google Play that was downloaded about 6000 times.

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Signum Soft Team

Antun Peicevic
Founder & CEO Signum Soft • Worked at @APIS IT d.o.o. • Studied at @Polytechnic Of Zagreb