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Jobs at Sigma Ratings

MIT-backed global non-credit risk rating agency

Sigma Ratings (“Sigma”) is an award winning MIT start-up that uses AI and machine learning to assess company-level non-credit risks (e.g., money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing). Our mission is to help make the world more open and transparent by incentivizing and highlighting good corporate behavior. Read More
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What We're Building

Utilizing both public and private data, Sigma Ratings dynamically tracks company-level non-credit risks across multiple jurisdictions.

In generating its scores and ratings, Sigma is solving a number of hard technology problems related to emerging market data collection, analysis and display that are valuable to global financial institutions, investors and governments.

Our thesis is that the world is increasingly demanding transparency. Transparency drives trust and trust ultimately drives relationships and business. Sigma Ratings is at the center of re-imagining risk management and increasing data availability for global business.
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Jobs at Sigma Ratings

Sigma Ratings Team

Gabrielle Haddad
Co-Founder & COO @Sigma Ratings. Building a more transparent world through technology and innovation. Grad and Fellow @Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Niger Little-Poole
Small World, Big Data. Data Scientist @Giphy . Former Data Scientist/Engineer at @Enigma , @Tumblr , and @Radius .
Ryan Beppel
Software developer, composer. Interested in Machine Learning and NLP.
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Sigma Ratings Investors

Ashby Monk
Co-Founder @Long Game • Executive Director, Global Projects Center, Stanford University • Studied at @Princeton University @University of Oxford @Sorbonne
Krishnakanth Kodukula
Am MIT Sloan graduate, I am very keen to invest in early stage startups working in SAAS businesses.

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