Senior Software Engineer - Devops and Infrastructure at Siftery

Bengaluru, Remote · Full Time

We're backed by some of the top investors in Silicon Valley. We're at an inflection point in our growth, but we're just getting started.

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Job Description

Our technology stack includes TypeScript, Angular and BackboneJS on the front-end; Ruby, Python, and R on the application and analytics side; a mix of relational and NoSQL databases on the backend including PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, and Redshift. We handle large amounts of data and requests using stream processing technologies such as Amazon Kinesis.


+ Maintain, optimize and grow our production, staging and test infrastructure hosted on AWS and Heroku
+ Work with our Security Team to implement various controls, resolve vulnerabilities, and help develop a proactive security monitoring and mitigation strategy
+ Manage and optimize our Continuous Integration systems
+ Improve upon the monitoring systems in place for capacity, usage and scale
+ Manage and Improve our log analysis systems to ensure optimal search and reporting times
+ Manage and improve our in-house web crawler.
+ Manage our data infrastructure and support our data engineering initiatives
+ Manage and improve our local development setup

*Required Qualifications*

+ Must have experience with Cloud IaaS (Focus: AWS, Alt: Azure, GCP)
2-4 years experience with Container Orchestration (Focus: Docker Swarm, Alt: Kubernetes, Mesos)
+ 1-2 years experience with Configuration Management Tooling (Focus: Chef, Alt: Puppet, Ansible)
+ Service Discovery (Server side and client side: Registrator, consul-template, spring cloud consul)
+ Hashicorp products (Consul, Terraform, Packer, Vault etc..)
+ Experience with multi-tier distributed systems involving load balancers, caching layers and real-time event processing
+ ELK Stack (distributed logging architectures)
+ Excited by a fast-paced start-up culture and open environment
+ Strong foundation in programming, algorithms, and software application design
+ Experience in building dashboards and aggregating metrics
+ Excellent oral and written communication

Preferred Qualifications

+ Experience managing and automating large AWS deployments (100+ machines)
+ CloudFormation experience is a great plus
+ Compliance experience (SOC2, ISO, PCI) from an Infrastructure pov is a great plus.

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In a world of software abundance, Siftery helps companies better discover, buy, and manage their software technology stack.

We’ve built the highest quality database of software products and the companies that use them. On top of this dataset, we’re building Siftery Track ( to help companies automatically track their software spend and optimize costs.

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