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The phone for humans

At Siempo we believe technology should be on our side. We realized that we were constantly distracted and feeling over-connected by our smartphones. We couldn’t find solutions we believed in, so we decided to build something new.

Siempo is leveraging the principles of Time Well Spent, Designing Mindfulness and Zebras Unite movements to help people balance the power of technology with how it can enrich their lives.

We’re a small team based in the Bay Area who are passionate about mindfulness, work-life balance and technology. We’re focused on getting things done. Both as a company and as co-workers we value transparency and collaboration. We believe work should be fun and care as much about the culture as the product.

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What We're Building

Siempo’s mission is to build better relationships with technology.

We are creating a software suite that lets individuals and teams set up systems to be more productive at work, present at home, and well in life.

Our first product is an Android launcher that provides a more intentional smartphone experience and helps users build better digital habits.

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Siempo Team

Andrew Dunn
Ops for early stage orgs around the world working on meaningful problems. Currently helping people build better relationships with tech.
Mayank Saxena
CTO, Director of Engineering, Co-Founder, Investor, Advisor

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