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Shyp is shipping made easy.

We're building Shyp to be the #1 brand consumers and small businesses recognize for shipping their packages, and in the process fundamentally disrupting a 220 year old industry. We have an incredible team and are well funded by some amazing investors. Read More
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What We're Building

Shyp is the easiest way to ship your stuff.

The mobile app provides an easy on demand shipping experience.

A Shyp Hero comes to you, collects your items, then takes them away to be professionally packed and shipped to their destination. Shyp is transforming how you send items by replacing the traditional hassles with a delightful experience.

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Shyp Team

Kevin Gibbon
Co-founder, CEO of @Shyp . Canadian.
Miyuan Zhao (赵敉媛)
Originally in academia for research on Logistics, and transitioned to drive analytics work in both startup and corporate in the eCommerce industry.
Sarah H. Siwak
Content Strategist. BA, Russian, Bowdoin.
Chelsey Frank
Work @Shyp as full-stack software engineer. Previously eng @Zaarly. Previously Quality Assurance & Customer Support. Studied at @Michigan State University
Dav Yaginuma
CoFndr @Unchained; VP @Shyp; CoFndr Meexo (acq:LiveNation); Dir Eng @Lumos Labs (Lumosity); @Pivotal Labs Labs; CoFndr @Synthematix (acq:Symyx).
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What are some of the toughest engineering problems Shyp is facing now?
Tough problems include, but are not limited to: Scaling human engineering processes as we grow, optimizing physical problems like routing and dispatching, improving and formalizing the contracts our systems use to talk to each other, choosing tools, data models, and philosophies that will scale well without slowing us down in the immediate term.
Lumen Sivitz
Head of Recruiting at Shyp since 2015
What makes Shyp a unique place to work at?
Differentiated problem space (online & offline with much more complicated operations than intra-city logistics), an exceptional yet humble team, immense trust and flexibility, and headroom/real potential for growth that is nearly unparalleled.
Lumen Sivitz
Head of Recruiting at Shyp since 2015

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