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Areas of Investment: AI/Machine Learning, Security, Productivity Tools, companies leveraging unique go-to-market strategy.

The unique part of this syndicate is most deals have been heavily vetted by a network of LPs from my fund, Array Ventures.

I have 5 exits in companies with this thesis in last 3 years to companies such as Apple, GoDaddy, McGraw Hill, Samsung, and Brocade. I have worked at top-tier VC firms, True Ventures, Samsung Early Stage Investment Fund, Lightbank, HighBAR Partners, and Chicago Ventures (formerly i2a) before I started my own investment firm, Array Ventures.

I invest in technology needed for the "New World of Work". That includes companies with deep tech that leverages a new go-to-market techniques to accelerate the enterprise sales cycle.


I am investing both as an individual and as an "Open Angels," a program created by [Bloomberg Beta](, the early-stage venture fund.

Bloomberg Beta created the Open Scouts program to deepen relationships with a handful of angels they trust. They will back every deal I syndicate at a fixed ratio with my personal investment. (In my case, Bloomberg Beta invests $10 for every $1 from me.) While a portion of each allocation I bring will therefore be reserved for Bloomberg Beta, they do not intend to be direct investors in my portfolio companies and I will manage the syndicate's relationship with companies.


My networks are in universities such as Stanford, MIT, UIUC, UChicago, and Columbia, from companies such as IBM, Samsung, Cisco, Google, and Square, and from VC funds I have been part of and advice such as Bullpen Capital and Bay Angels.

You can see here what I have invested in the past. Because I also manage a venture capital fund the companies you see here have gone through serious vetting. I invest in companies I think can survive bull or bear and are truly long lasting companies that are critical to any business. Enterprise companies require a very different investor and network which is what I bring to the table from my experience as an engineer, coder, founder, and a successful investor with successful exits.

Shruti Gandhi
Product Manager
Managing Partner, Array VC, enterprise deeptech fund. Investor: True Ventures & Samsung. CS MS @Columbia MBA @ChicagoBooth. Exits: Apple, McGraw Hill, & Samsung
Acquired by McGraw-Hill Companies for $50M in 2014
Acquired by Apple in 2016
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Jeremy Levine
Founder/CEO @DRAFT. Investor in 40+ startups.
Sundeep Ahuja
60+ Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs @Burrow @Starcity @Notable Labs; 3yrs @AWS; Co-founder @Richrelevance; Advisor @Indiegogo; BS CS Stanford.
Raj DasGupta
Cloud Computing/SAAS at scale for A&D/Life Sciences Author of The Icarus Prediction 80+ Angel Investments UMBC Alumni Stanford AI Graduate Studies
Venu Anuganti
Founder of two successful startup exits, investor of over 18+ companies with deep data, analytics, ML and AI background
Tyler Willis
Angel Investor
Founder of @Unsupervised — Seed Investor in companies like @Patreon & @Lambda School.
Can help with
“I founded one of the top companies in the AI space and was exceptionally early (founding employee) at two successful startups — where I ran marketing,...more
Armando Biondi
Cofounder @AdEspresso, acquired by @Hootsuite in Feb 2017. Investor in 60 startups + @AngelList Lead. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Eric Cantor
Biz builder. Founded & exited 2. Invest advise for many. 4 yrs building app accelerator in East Africa, 2 years on fintech in NYC. Enjoys product & people.
Can help with
“Been in the trenches of the build => hire => stress => build => buy, roller coaster several times over, personally and with investments. Can do...more
She's well connected and understands our space extremely well. Very analytical and always have helpful advice when asked. Definitely great to have!
She's incredibly sharp and thoughtful!
Michael McCord
For Shruti Gandhi's work with LearnerNation
Shruti has a great understanding in SaaS in general and in bottom-up sales approach in particular and has great feedback and insights. Beside that she is always helping her CEOs with great intros to relevant customers, companies, and thought leaders. And she's a friend!
When we had a really bad situation happen in the company, Shruti called immediately with an actionable checklist. That gave me a way to stop thinking about the bad and focus on next steps.
Praful Mathur
For Shruti Gandhi's investment at Shotput
Shruti is every founder's dream investor. She is intentional and careful with her advice, generous with her time and network, and deeply empathetic. Did I mention she was whip smart?
Shruti is extremely helpful and hustling for her portfolio companies. She is helping her portfolio companies find the second wave of customers which is quite valuable to startups. Shruti is proactive in helping us connect to our first and most important clients who have jump started our progress...more
Nadav Eylath
For Shruti Gandhi's investment at TaxJoy
When you have Shruti as an investor, you don’t just gain an investor, you gain a member to your executive staff. She works relentlessly to help with all aspects of the business. She helps with business development, fundraising, and recruiting. Her network is extensive and she maximizes it to help...more
Fantastic Advisor, helped with the terms of the round she invested in!
Dave Hendricks
For Shruti Gandhi's work with SeriesX
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