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What We're Building

Shoelace is building a retargeting expert that proactively creates and manages retargeting campaigns for e-commerce merchants. Most businesses don't have the budget to hire an expert. Shoelace is automating the role of a human expert and offering it at scale to those who otherwise couldn't afford one.

Here is an example of a Shoelace experience over SMS:

Shoelace: "Hi David! We’ve noticed your traffic has increased over 25% in the past week! Let's bump your daily budget up to $10/day to make sure we reach all of your new visitors. Reply YES and we'll get it done."

David: “YES”

Shoelace: “Done!”

This is just one example of the many conversations our users have with Shoelace.

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Open Positions


Reza Khadjavi
Co-founder & CEO at Shoelace. Previously at Hubba and co-founder at Nettoyeurs Express (sold in 2015)
David Berglas
Co-Founder of Shoelace. Previously Business Development at Hubba, Corporate Strategy at Tim Hortons and Investment Banking at Credit Suisse
Alexander Sloan
BSc in Statistics; data analysis consultant; logistics and routing optimisation (Johannesburg); backend Node at Hubba (Toronto); co-founder at Shoelace
Florent Schmahl
Product manager specialized in Advanced Analytics. Love Bringing Data, Strategy and Business together.
Bukhtar Khan
Growth Hacker
Oliver Cabbab
Specializes in Front End Development, Responsive Web Design, & UI Design. He loves to create web compliant, cross browser compatible and mobile friendly designs
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Our Investors

Des Traynor
Co-Founder at @Intercom .
Alexander Norman
@AngelList Canada. Co-founder@techtoronto & @HomeSav / @McKinsey & Company, @Lehman Brothers, Xbridge, Savvio & TradeOut / @Wharton School, @McGill University
Tihan Seale
Entrepreneurial investor...
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