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What We're Building

Shoelace is an intelligent assistant that helps e-commerce merchants launch retargeting campaigns. Installing tracking pixels, segmenting visitors and setting up new campaigns is a huge pain for these businesses. Our software automates the human work and recommends smart campaigns + optimizations via SMS. It's like having a personal retargeting account manager.

Here is an example of a Shoelace experience:

Shoelace: "Hi David! We’ve noticed your traffic has increased over 25% in the past week! Let's bump your daily budget up to $10/day to make sure we reach all of your new visitors. Reply YES and we'll get it done."

David: “YES”

Shoelace: “Done!”

This is just one example of the many conversations our users have with Shoelace.

Shoelace founders: Alex, David & Reza outside the Boulder theatre before Boomtown Fall 2015 Demo Day
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Open Positions


Reza Khadjavi
Co-founder & CEO at Shoelace. Previously at Hubba and co-founder at Nettoyeurs Express (sold in 2015)
David Berglas
Co-Founder of Shoelace. Previously Business Development at Hubba, Corporate Strategy at Tim Hortons and Investment Banking at Credit Suisse
Alexander Sloan
BSc in Statistics; data analysis consultant; logistics and routing optimisation (Johannesburg); backend Node at Hubba (Toronto); co-founder at Shoelace
Dave Weber
Developer. I make stuff (up).
Katie Chen
Psychology and Ivey HBA Candidate at Western University
Michael Hood
Student @ The Queen's School of Business.
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Our Investors

Alexander Norman
@AngelList Canada. Co-founder@techtoronto & @HomeSav / @McKinsey & Company, @Lehman Brothers, Xbridge, Savvio & TradeOut / @Wharton School, @McGill University
Tihan Seale
Entrepreneurial investor...
Heather Payne
CEO of @HackerYou, my favourite company & community in the whole world. Founder of @learningcode. Angel Investor. One of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women.
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