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OpenID Connect or SAML - Software Engineer at ShoCard

Palo Alto, Cupertino, San Francisco · Full Time
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Job Description

Only applicants with OpenID Connect or SAML will be considered for this position.

We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer with at least 5+ years experience to help develop and support our Java based Identity Platform. Must have experience working with any single sign-on (SSO) technologies like OpenID Connect or SAML. Experience with security protocols and overall ID Management is a big plus.

Skills and Qualifications:

- Experience with Java programming

- Experience with OpenId Connect and/or SAML protocols.

- Understanding or working experience with RSA private/public keys, encryption/decryption, signature/verify

- Experience building multi-tenant services

- Strong understanding of object-oriented design and development

- Fast learner

- Work well in small teams and groups

- Strong written and verbal communication

- Energetic and motivated; eager to learn

- Self-disciplined and with strong attention to quality and details

- Experience with mobile technologies (iOS or Android) a plus

- Experience with blockchain technologies, a plus

- BS in Computer Science or related field

Only local applicants will be considered.

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What We're Building

ShoCard is a virtual identity card platform that consumers use through a mobile app, built on top of the public blockchain data layer. It's as easy to use as showing a driver’s license, but so secure that banks can rely on it. The ShoCard platform uses public/private key encryption and data hashing to safely store and exchange identity data. It’s a strong form of multi-factor authentication with out-of-band communication, data matching, and multiple private keys and hashes throughout the process. The blockchain allows ShoCard to create a secure, distributed trust system with all the benefits of a federated identity system, with very little backend overhead.

Identity theft and credit card fraud costs banks billions and by integrating ShoCard with their existing, but limited, credit card authentication scheme (or replacing it), ShoCard will cut their costs and fraud losses and increase their customer satisfaction.

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Gaurav Khot
CTO/Founder @Youplus, Chief Architect @Buysight (acquired by AOL) • Architect @Yahoo Advertising • Tech Lead @Rocktide (acquired by@NetObjects)
Ali Nazem
Nazem is an advertising and tech industry veteran working at startups with broad experience working with a variety of consumer and technology businesses.

Our Investors

Tom Chiu
Venture Partner at Enspire Capital. Sand Hill Angels Advisory Board (Board Dir. 2011-2014). Advising startups worldwide. Investing since 1998.
Wretch Chien
VC at AME Cloud Ventures, Jerry Yang's investment arm. Previously founded and sold to Yahoo!
Ali Farahanchi
Investor @DHVC (Danhua Capital)