Shira Abel

CEO of Hunter & Bard, a design, dev & marketing agency. Clients incl: CloudEndure, getevents, and Pitango VC. Kellogg School of Management. Startups for 15 yrs.

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What I Do

I've been in tech marketing for over 15 yrs now. I've grown communities, raised profits, launched companies & written massive amounts of content. I even teach, lecture and mentor about marketing in tech.

I'm interested in marketing. All of it. What works, what doesn't, what's changed, why & how.


Had 2 gorgeous boys (I consider this an achievement - even if it isn't a professional one, they are my pride and joy.)

AppsGeyser - Credits Hunter & Bard with its growth. Hunter & Bard has been the marketing department for AppsGeyser since June 2011.

Aniboom - Doubled revenues and views in its commercial YouTube channel by optimizing its social strategy.

Abel Communications - Worked with a logistics company based in the US on business & technical writing. Taught an entire department the importance & need for good technical documentation when their previous tech writer lasted only 2 months. Hired a team of technical writers, created a style guide, company template and revamped all of the technical documentation. I basically marketed technical writing. - Lowered fraud by over 40% and raised retention by over 20%. Increased profits. Kept costs the same.

Kellogg-Recanati Executive MBA