What We're Building

We enable organizations to capture more & quality data as well as, to utilize it and become a data-driven organization.

Our Logistics Visibility & Control Tower platform handles over 1 million transactions on a daily basis, and provide real-time customized views to operation managers, strategy team, business managers on the activity of field workforce throughout the country covering regions like Arunachal, J&K, Andaman etc.. The field workforce uses our secure SMS sync feature in remote locations without internet connectivity and provide valuable real-time information to customers for the first time in the industry.

Our solutions have enabled businesses to improve their customer centricity & efficiency. Some examples include a voice assistant that tells you about the most important areas to focus on a given day, computer vision based data extraction from consignments, deep learning based fraud detection in the delivery operations, predicting possible delays in the supply chain etc.

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Jobs at Shipsy

Shipsy Team

Krishna Kanth M
B.Tech, CSE from IIT Guwahati. In last two years, launched own venture and now working with startups contributing to both Product and Engineering.
Annu Nirmal
Front End Engineer, Fitso B.Tech from DTU (formerly DCE) 2016
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Shipsy Investors

Dheeraj Jain
Founder, Redcliffe Capital

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