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Shipamax (YC W17)

Business Development at Shipamax (YC W17)

London · Full Time

We're a vertically focused, B2B enterprise solution - focused on bulk shipping (different to container shipping!). Backed by Y Combinator, Cherubic Ventures, AME Cloud & Founders Fund.

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Job Description

We're experiencing increasing demand from our current large customers & prospective customers, meaning we are now reaching the limit of not having a full-time business development hire.

We're hiring our for our first business development role to help us drive revenue, build out repeatable processes and support with research for future financing rounds. This role comes with a lot of responsibility as you will need to be able to close major contracts with customers & build those long-term partnerships in order to help us understand how to scale that process.

Whilst this is not a pure sales role, if you're shy of committing to revenue deliverables, this role is probably not for you.

What you will be doing
1. Drive revenue:
- Lead generation: Research potential customers to generate qualified outbound leads to fill pipeline
- Sales targeting: Perfecting the targeted pitch to these leads to maximise conversion / speed to close
- Customer success: Once a Proof of Concept has started, drive to ensure converts into 12 month contract & execute on expanding the account further

2. Productionize processes to scale revenue generation

3. Own projects as they come up from time to time, for example, market research to support future financing

- You're able to build trust, rapport & long-term relationships with all stakeholders in the decision making process - C level executives, managers, users
- Strong communicator - speaks clearly, asks good questions to finds information needed. Consultative.
- Organised & process driven - You know how things can slip and have processes built around to ensure they don't
- Metric driven - You can measure success with metrics and actively prioritise based on ROI
- Take ownership - You can take on a bad situation – whether or not you were told it was your problem to solve– and resolve it. You always deliver.
- Grit & scrappiness: sticking with something, being convicted, getting something done with insufficient resources because you care.

To start May / June / July

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What We're Building

We are one of the few London-based startups backed by Y Combinator. We’ve just closed an exciting 2.5 million USD seed round - from Cherubic, AME Cloud and Founders Fund.

We’re creating the platform of the future for global commodity movement.

Currently, when booking a ship, there is an overwhelming amount of information that needs to be pieced together and a multitude of different stakeholders that needs to be kept in a tight communication loop. Our intelligent layer helps commercial employees focus on increasing revenue. We replace the thousands of unnecessary emails, excel files and instant messages between players required for each booking.

We’re a vertical B2B enterprise startup working with family-owned shipowners to some of the largest global players to transform the way they work as a team. Bulk shipping, an entirely different market to container shipping, is the unknown giant of the logistics sector.

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Shipamax (YC W17) Team

Jenna Brown
Co-founder @Shipamax (YC W17), Global Expansion Lead @GoCardless and 2nd business employee @Adzuna
Fabian ,
CTO, Co-Founder @Shipamax (YC W17) • Worked at @Goldman Sachs, @Rwe Supply & Trading • Studied at @Carnegie Mellon University, @Nanyang University

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