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Access Cars Near You • On-demand Mobility Platform

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What We're Building

ShiftRide is an on-demand mobility platform, allowing people to get access to cars nearby. Users can book a car owned by others in their community, whether they need to grab food, run an errand, or go out with friends. Car owners in the community list their car on ShiftRide to earn money and begin sharing when they're not using their car.

Users simply sign up with their driver's license, get verified, and pick a car that suits their needs. Users get charged based on how much they used the car, once they're done with their booking. ShiftRide provides insurance, gas, and 24/7 support to ensure that you can safely and easily drive throughout your booking.

ShiftRide has launched an Alpha in the summer of 2017 in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, and has a mobile app currently open to Beta Users with the initial cars on the platform.

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ShiftRide Team

Nima Tahami
Entrepreneur & Designer • Co-Founder @ShiftRide • Studied at @University of Waterloo
Deepak Parpyani
Co-Founder @ShiftRide.
Mohsen Mohsenpour
Co-Founder & CEO @ShiftRide. Been solving problems since 1999! :)

ShiftRide Investors

Mohsen Mohsenpour
Co-Founder & CEO @ShiftRide. Been solving problems since 1999! :)