Jobs at Shibumi

Business Execution, Simplified.

At Shibumi we're on a mission to give enterprises a competitive advantage in executing and realizing the results from their strategic plans. The Shibumi platform provides the simplest way to execute on your strategic goals, by aligning each of your key activities to drive powerful and lasting measurable business results.

What We're Building

Shibumi is a cloud-based application that makes it easier to manage initiatives and deliver results.

Shibumi reduces the need for time-consuming manual effort compiling status, impact and results and helps get teams back to their most important job – executing. Shibumi helps teams stop spending a majority of their week in meetings and accelerate their actions with a focus on measureable results. Learn more how about how organizations are successfully using Shibumi to track and manage their key initiatives and deliver the results their stakeholders expect at

Jobs at Shibumi

Shibumi Team

Jason Bobby
Founder Shibumi
Ken Pellegrino
Founder Shibumi
Mark DiGirolamo
Founder of Shibumi • Worked at @OpenText
Gailyn Bell-Upp
Product Owner
Whitney Henriquez
Solutions Consultant
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Shibumi Investors

Geoffrey Bernstein
Co-founder & Managing Partner @Indicator Ventures
Jonathan Struhl
Co-founder & Managing Partner @Indicator Ventures, Photoshop lover & Guitar Player.

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