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Shelf is a place to catalog your favorite things and discover great products from people who actually use them. Our vision is to build a constantly updating catalog of the world's best products, curated by the people who love and use them regularly.

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Dayo Esho
Co-founder/CEO at TravelJoy. Formerly, @LiveRamp, @Rapleaf
Adriana Diakite
Co-Founder Stanford CS BS And MS

Have Questions? Ask Us Anything Investors

Lewis Golden
Worked in Optical Sciences for 40 years.B.S.,M.S., PhD. Investor in real estate, stocks, mutual funds ,and now startups. Widower with two grown children.
Michael Witz
Co-founder and CEO of @Redemption Games Founder @Mob Science, which was acquired by @SGN where I built Cookie Jam, Top 10 Mobile Game. Y Combinator Alum.
Charlie Cheever
Founder @Graph Ventures, @Quora • Worked at @Amazon, @Facebook • Studied at @Harvard University
Euan Guttridge
TPM Lead @Uber (ATG), previously @Google and @googleX. Co-founder @ITS London.
Carnet Williams
Co-founder/COO The Assembly. Previous: Spright, ChipIn, Sprout (Sold to InMobi), FB games. Mobile, advertising, consumer, do good - do well startups.
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