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Job Description

ShareGrid ( is the largest creative rental marketplace, redefining the professional filmmaking and photography rental industry through innovative technology and pricing efficiency.

We're looking for interns with an interest in filmmaking. We will introduce you to the local film and tech industries, provide, a letter of recommendation upon completion of the internship, and help with school credit as needed. We shoot once every other week so you would be required to attend every shoot. This is a great way to gain on-set experience, work with a union cinematographer and get your hands cutting edge equipment and technology.

-Assist in coordinating and scheduling shoots/productions.
-Attend and assist on shoots as needed.
-Audit the ShareGrid member profiles and gear listings.
-Edit and publish a weekly newsletter.
-Find gear and members to profile in the ShareGrid communities.
-Analyze and optimize audience reactions to the newsletters (open rates, clicks, etc).
-Distribute ShareGrid blog content and member stories across social media platforms.
-Analyze and optimize audience reactions.
-Assist in coordinating and scheduling industry networking events.
-Assist in hosting industry networking events.

-Proficient in Adobe Premiere.

Must be a fast learner of tech tools, such as:
Intercom, Campaign Monitor, Slack, Social Media Platforms, Typeform, Image editing software, Google analytics and proprietary web-apps.

Ability to work 15 - 20 hours week, six month commitment.
Strong communication, writing and organizational/research skills.
Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects and be self-motivated.

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What We're Building

ShareGrid is the largest rental marketplace for creatives. Filmmakers, photographers, and companies can instantly source all their gear needs from local vendors, supplying over $420 million of gear to 45,000+ filmmakers & creatives.

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