Ruby on Rails Software Engineer at ShareGrid

Seattle, San Francisco, Austin · Full Time
We built ShareGrid to give artists freedom. To give them access to the tools they need and the financial freedom they desire in order to focus on their craft. Read More
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Job Description

We're a small, fast moving, funded and fun startup looking for a talented Full-stack Rails Engineer to join our team in Seattle. Help build new products and mobile apps using newer technologies for our successful P2P sharing economy marketplace.

Our current stack is Rails, JS/jQuery, HAML/SASS, MySQL, Git, DelayedJob, DigitalOcean.

We're founded by product designers, so an understanding of good design, UX, and testing your code is a must. We will provide all designs and detailed specs, and test / review code. Our first priority is building value for our users.

Please send a few examples of apps you built and what portion you worked on.

This is a full-time opportunity in beautiful Seattle, WA with benefits and early equity in a fast growing startup.

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What We're Building

ShareGrid is the largest peer-to-peer marketplace for creatives. Their mission is to take the $50b of film and photo equipment that sits idle with creatives and empower them to rent it online. Equipment owners can make a healthy return on their investment, and renters typically pay 30-50% less than traditional rental options.

Production insurance typically takes days to acquire. ShareGrid landed an exclusive partnership which enabled them to create the first and only online insurance system to cover peer-to-peer rentals up to $750k instantly. ShareGrid has launched in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco, and has over 22,000 members sharing $161m+ of gear.

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