Stephen G. Barr

Mentor, Board Member, Philanthropist, Catalyst, Urbanist, Developer, Publisher, Advocate, Pragmatist, Ignite Speaker

Confirmed Investments · Invests $25K per deal
What I Do

I add value to emerging technology as well as gaming and NPO start ups from conception through IPO, merger or sale by serving, guiding, advising & governing their advisory & director's boards on a fee and equity sharing basis. I love the ramp up phase of new initiatives from alpha to beta launch.


My work developing niche social networks. I started developing niche social networks on Usenet back in the early 90's. I host the Niche Social Nertwork Development blog on and publish

What I'm Looking For

New start ups that need to get their beta project launched or get increased, targeted social media traffic. Product development, feasibility studies, business plan development and seed funding through strategic alliance management. Pre & post launch media campaigns and social media initiatives

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Kenneth Reeder
Founded @yellow-dog-radio in 2012 as a podcast on Blog Talk Radio with the assistance of my co-host Steve Barr of SGB Media Group.
Mary Costello
He did a fabulous job - and has an excellent knowledge of how to get people using Social Media quickley.
Annie Thompson
Served over 30 years in upper management where I directly improved industry standards, profitability and both employee and consumer satisfaction.
Brian Kissinger
Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles