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Opionated slick alternative to Plesk and cPanel

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What We're Building

We are building the modern and opinionated version of cPanel and Plesk which is currently offered as SaaS but will soon be available as a licensed product too. We want to allow businesses to easily deploy, scale, and monitor their applications on any hosting provider with the best tools available for their software.

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ServMask Team

Yani Iliev
Founder @ServMask • Worked at @Google , @Timely, @Guideadvisor • CS at @university-of-california-berkeley
Borislav Angelov
Experienced Software Engineer, mainly focused on mobile and web development, trying to follow best software paradigms and really enthusiastic about new challenges
Ugyen Dorji
Robust Quality Assurance process for All in One WP Migration plugin. Worked @TrustBox A/S @National Electronics and Computer Technology Center.

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