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Jobs at Sentenai

Working with sensor data is hard. Sentenai makes it simple.

Sentenai is a Boston startup providing sensor data infrastructure for machine learning and predictive applications. Sentenai automates the process of ingesting and organizing sensor data so that data science teams and automation engineers can search for historical patterns and behaviors without the need for manual preparation or integration projects. We enable data scientists to explore and operationalize their data in real-time applications in the languages and toolkits they already use. Our customers are solving bleeding edge industrial IoT problems in complex and large-scale environments.

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What We're Building

Traditional approaches to storing structured and unstructured time series treat data organization as a problem best
solved by teams of data engineering experts. This approach succeeds when data exhibits “low variety” in kinds of
variables, collection rate and labels, but in sensor-driven environments, the inherent “high variety” of data requires a new approach.

Sentenai’s sensor data cloud automatically organizes sensor data (structured and unstructured) to unlock
its usefulness in machine learning applications. Sentenai provides ingestion, storage and data querying capabilities in a single, automated platform.

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Jobs at Sentenai

Sentenai Team

Rohit Gupta
Co-founder of Sentenai. Previously business development and investor. MIT engineer.
Brendan Kohler
Co-founder, CTO @ Sentenai. Co-founder @ Hyperplane Venture Capital. Machine intelligence is my passion. Making it practical is my mission.
Kyle Seaman
Product and partnerships @Sentenai . Formerly@freight-farms and @500 Startups
Matthew Brandly
Software at Sentenai, Co-founder at Fetchnotes, CS at Michigan, basketball everywhere
Sam Stites
Machine learning engineer and Haskeller at Sentenai. FreeBSD user, juggler, ex-improv performer, math nerd.
Mitchell Rosen
Haskell programmer
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Sentenai Investors

Semyon Dukach
Managing Partner, One Way Ventures. Former MD, Techstars in Boston. @onewayvc @semyondukach
Gokul Rajaram
Product Engineering Lead at Square. Past: Product Director, Ads at Facebook; Product Director, AdSense at Google.
James Tamplin
Co-Founder & CEO @Firebase
Jeff Bussgang
Former entrepreneur (Upromise, Open Market) turned VC @Flybridge Capital Partners . Professor at @Harvard Business School and authored "Mastering the VC Game".
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