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High-resolution, pressure-sensitive, touch technology

Sensel is a VC-funded startup located in Mountain View, CA. We're enabling people to enjoy more expressive interaction with their devices using the world's most advanced touch technology. Our first product, the Morph, won "Best in Show" at SXSW 2017, and is currently shipping to customers worldwide. We're integrating our pressure-responsive sensors into trackpads, displays, and everything else that involves human interaction. Sensel is a progressive and open-minded meritocracy and we have big plans. We know that a diverse team is fundamental to innovation and long term success, so if you’re smart, good at what you do, and nice to work with, we’d love to talk to you about opportunities!

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What We're Building

Sensel is developing a high-resolution, multi-touch, pressure-sensitive touch technology. Our patented technology outperforms existing touch sensors and gives users a new dimension of control and expression.

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Jobs at Sensel

Sensel Team

Sensel Investors

Mike Hurst
SaaS CEO and StartX Mentor with an enterprise sales background. I advise companies on fundraising and on building and scaling their sales orgs.
Tom Chiu
Venture Partner at Enspire Capital. Sand Hill Angels Advisory Board (Board Dir. 2011-2014). Advising startups worldwide. Investing since 1998.
Haipeng Li
General partner of Innolinks Ventures.

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