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Taking 'Siri' to medical school

At we are using technology to change the face of medicine.’s virtual nurse avatar integrates speech recognition, body recognition, video and medical devices in order to communicate with your healthcare provider. We are passionate about improving healthcare and are looking for likewise individuals. is a one-year old startup and has gotten lots of media attention. We have been written up by MIT Technology Review, WIRED, Yahoo! Health, Healthline and more. Our product is in use at several hospitals and many additional projects are in the works. Read More
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What We're Building is an avatar-based, emotively reactive platform that helps clinicians better manage their chronically ill patients. After the clinician enters in the clinical protocol and goals, a virtual medical assistant follows up with patients, collects clinical data from medical devices and assessments, tracks progress, and helps patients to stay on course with motivations and reminders. All the information is analyzed and presented to the doctor so patients can get better faster, hospitals can bill for telemedicine procedures, and reduce operational costs.

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Adam Odessky
Co-founder/CEO Software Tinkerer and Product Guy. Former 'microsoftie'. CS/MBA logic inter-mediator.
Ivana Schnur
C0-Founder Strong medical and research background (mobile clinical protocols). Experience in behavioral medicine, virtual reality, clinical AI. MD/PhD

Our Investors

Fred Toney
Health Tech Investor, Founder @Launchpad Digital Health , Founder @RXlist (acq'd by WebMD), IPO'd as CEO/CFO @Healthcentral
Cindy Bi
Fueling Your Fast Growth!
Steven Xi
GP at Eastlink Capital, focusing on Data/AI/Mobile/Cloud primarily in SV and some in China.
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