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Wyre is replacing banking technologies that have been stagnant for over 30 years. Our technology allows us to transfer money into some of the most difficult to reach markets. Founded in 2013, we started with building the simplest suite of products and services which were designed to make it easy for consumers and businesses to use blockchain technologies. Wyre is an enterprise-level API and dashboard which allows companies to instantly send funds worldwide, without taking on any price volatility, and for a fraction of the cost. We’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies and are currently moving millions of dollars per day. And we're just getting started. Looking for faster, cheaper, international transfers? You need Wyre.

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What We're Building

Connecting businesses into Blockchain technology is made simple through Wyre.

Take advantage of Blockchain technology today. By utilizing Wyre, our customers don’t have to be concerned with Blockchains and protocols. We provide a simple, clean, dashboard & API for you.

Do you send money internationally? With international payments made near instant through Wyre, your business doesn't have to struggle with holding currency or working capital restrictions.

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Jobs at Wyre

Wyre Team

Ioannis Giannaros
COO, Co-founder @Wyre
Michael Dunworth
Co-Founder @Wyre . Big fan of digital currencies. I write left handed, kick right footed and play tennis right handed. :)
Kimberly Oberhauser
Compliance Counsel - in operations, payments, cryptocurrency, licensing, building bank relationships. Certified Info. Privacy Professional (CIPP) & CAMS
Bonnie Lau
People Operations @ Wyre - We're Hiring!
Tyson Malchow
Software Architect, Researcher, Learner, Engineer, Developer, Optimizer, Manager, Planner, Implementor, Teamworker.
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Wyre Investors

Jamie Mcintyre
Founder, CEO of Rewire Capital Co-Author of theOutsider2016.com
Pascal Levy-Garboua
Marketplace fan. Strong product and business background, ex-eBay, MS Stanford. Will be your first call when you need it.
Steve Taylor
Chairman Neighborhood Bancorp Chairman Taylor Asset Management, Inc.
Wei Guo
very very active investor.
Brock Pierce
Entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist. Restart, DNA, Blockchain Capital, EOS, Tether and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation.
Liron Shapira
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