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Behavior-based, individualized pricing for healthcare

Sempre Health is changing how Americans pay for healthcare. We believe that bright people should work on the most important problems. Get in touch if you are excited to use technology for good, while building a digital health startup from the ground up.

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What We're Building

Sempre Health is bringing behavior-based, individualized copays to medications. This increases access to care for the 1 in 3 patients who skip care due to cost and drive a disproportionate amount of spend.

Patients receive texts like, "If you pick up your prescription today, you’ll pay just $10. If you wait until next week, this could go back up to $20."

We parse millions of prescription records to identify unique patient behaviors. We use this data to predict and seamlessly deliver the right price for the right patient to every pharmacy in the country. At the same time, we're generating the first ever real-world dataset on patient price sensitivities and cost behaviors.

The co-founders are Cal grads who were previously the founding data scientist at Propeller Health & Engineering Director at Expect Labs.

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Sempre Health Team

Anurati Mathur
Founder @Sempre Health • Data Science @Propeller Health, @Practice Fusion@University Of California, Berkeley • Lead female founders digital health meetup
Swaraj Banerjee
Founder @Sempre Health - Previously Director of Engineering @MindMeld, Engineer @Zynga, EECS @University Of California, Berkeley - Eng w/ NLP/ML/Web Experience
Alexsa Grant
MHS.Evolent Health through IPO (three years). Health plan ops, provider network dev, management, and contracting. Director of Operations at a small startup.

Sempre Health Investors

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