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This Private Syndicate is just for Haystack LPs who want to co-invest in current or future rounds.
I will share any and all deals where the CEO allows me to. Sometimes, they don't want to.
Semil Shah
General Partner @Haystack ; Venture Partner @Lightspeed Venture Partners
As soon as our team connected with Semil, he was bringing true value to the vision of company with his experience and point of view. BOND is extremely happy to have him as a part of our inner circle.
Semil is an tremendously helpful investor and advisor to Instacart. He has a rare combination of operational experience, investor savvy and casual attitude. He's been extremely easy to work with -- something we value as busy entrepreneurs!
If you want a value-add investor, Semil is the guy. Most investors put cash in and forget about their investment, but he is there as a partner and friend to help out any way that he can!
Semil is a thoughtful advisor and knows mobile product inside and out- as an entrepreneur in the mobile space, I feel fortunate to have him as a sounding board and can always rely upon him for useful, productive feedback.
Semil was able to identify the value in our product early on, and committed to an investment in our company before others saw the same value. He's been a champion of mobile in a way that demonstrates not only his excitement of the space, but also of his deep knowledge of both product and...more
Semil is extremely proactive and helpful across many areas of our business. We appreciate his advice and are lucky to have him part of the team!
If mobile is part of your business strategy, Semil is a great guy to know. With deep knowledge in the space, his value covers direct advice/knowledge, immediate introductions to talent and prospective investors/partners in the space.
Semil came up to speed lightning fast on our product and market opportunity. I'm really glad he's with us at Qualia3D, and am looking forward to working with him more.
Semil is a humble, terrific guy, who has a great background in mobile product. He's always accessible and happy to help out, which is exactly what you want in an investor.
Semil has been a great resource for Asseta. He's helped us specifically with investment guidance and investor intros. I highly recommend him as both an investor and advisor.
Semil's a G. He's been there for us throughout and I can't say enough good things about him. There are times when I've texted him close to midnight and heard back from within minutes - that's the kind of support you need as an entrepreneur. And it really helps that his radar...more
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