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Seeds believes that for-profit social good should be built into the core of every business, and that companies make more money - and the world becomes a better place! - when this is so. You'll find technically challenging, fun, and meaningful work when you join us at Seeds.

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What We're Building

Seeds boosts mobile revenues by as much as 1/3 through for-profit social good: microtransactions for microloans.

We deep link in-app purchases to microloans made in the developing world. Millennials love purposeful mobile spending, and we make it easy for them to do in the apps they use most.

Social good makes it 58% more likely that a user will spend her first dollar in your game or app, breaking the payment seal. From there, she'll spend an average of another $25, and an entrepreneur in the developing world will get a leg up. Everyone wins.

We take a transaction fee in-app, and share in the interest generated on the loans made through trusted partners. We're grossing $0.915 per DAU per month (as compared to $0.254 per DAU per month in Clash of Clans, according to public data, for context).

Join us as we kill the next big consumer trend among millennials: mobile, for-profit social good at every point of purchase.

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Jobs at Seeds

Seeds Team

Rachel Cook
Founder of Seeds. Director of @The Microlending Film Project, global doc examining the impact of microloans. Duke. Former Trader. Will never go to grad school.
Virginia McArthur
Presently the Executive Producer @Seeds, formally Chief of Staff and Executive Producer @Zynga, @Electronic Arts and EAI• Masters of Associated Medical Sciences and Art at @University of Illinois, Chicago, Scientific Illustration and BFA @university-of-geo

Seeds Investors

Kevin Keller
Inventive, flexible & pragmatic engineer/attorney/investor w/experience across a wide range of tech industries and business models, incl: IOT, CV, AI, ML
Jerry King
COO at @Vets First Choice . Was COO at @Where -> sold to @eBay in 2011. Former VP & Board Director at @C-bridge Internet Solutions . Tufts alum.
Shereen Shermak
Founder SoCoVentures, Angel, Fmr CEO Launch Angels, @Co-Founder of BuysideFX • Worked at @Currensee • Studied at @MIT Sloan, @Harvard Kennedy School
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