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Secret Jobs : Screenshot
Secret Jobs : Screenshot
Secret Jobs : Screenshot
Secret Jobs : Screenshot
Chrys Bader
Co-Founder of Secret. Previously founded Photovine, Treehouse, Vidly; YCombinator alumni; Ex-Google.
David Byttow
Co-founder of Secret. Formerly Google, Square, Medium.

Secret is a new way to share what you’re thinking and feeling with your friends, anonymously.

- Write anything that’s on your mind, free of judgment.
- Make your words stand out by adding a photo or color backdrop. Customize further with blur, textures, and moods.
- Comment on your friends’ posts with a new and unique avatar for each conversation.
- When friends like your post, it spreads to their friends. The most interesting posts can travel around the world.

Secret is fun and addictive. Be yourself. Say what you mean. Speak freely.

Why Us?

Our mission to build a platform that will bring more authenticity, self-awareness and empathy to the world.

Secret was founded by two former Google and Square employees with a passion for bringing people closer together through deeply human products backed by unique technology. We have a culture of excellence in design and engineering. We never settle for anything less than great.

We surround ourselves with people that make us better. We're not looking for people who count the hours at the office, but those who lose track of time in what they do best. We're building a product we truly love and want to build a team full of people who also love what they create every day. We’re currently a small team, which means you’ll own huge ideas from the very start.

We are funded by remarkable investors and offer our employees competitive compensation and stand-out benefits. If you love what we're doing and you're ready for the ride of your life, please get in touch.

Read more about our mission:

San Francisco
1-10 employees
$8.6M Series A in 2014
$1.4M Seed in 2013
Mobile, Social Media, Messaging, Private Social Networking

Secret Jobs

mobile developer
iOS Engineer
$100K – $150K Salary
0.5% – 1.5% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco


Alexis Ohanian
Alexis Ohanian
Co-Founder of @Reddit, launched @Hipmunk as marketing guy (now advisor), Chief Swine Defender at Breadpig,
Artsy, Massive Health, Creative Market, Craft Coffee, Kicksend, Wattvision, Scaffold, MinoMonsters, Adioso-bak, WakeMate, Blueleaf, 42Floors, Amicus, HandUp, Crowdtilt, ParkWhiz, Adioso, Tutorspree, Directr, HubSpot, E la Carte, Blue Frog Gaming, Foodoro, Frogmetrics, Apportable, Grubwithus, Agent, Sift Science, Hullabalu, Mobileworks, GetGoing, Classic Specs, Priceonomics, Airtime, Enernetics, Voxli, New Hive, Couple, Swiftype, Rescale, Perceptual Networks, Leaky, SlidePay, Quarterly, Streak, Summon (formerly InstantCab), VHX, Virool, Upworthy, Tugboat Yards, Clever, Kamcord, FlightCar, SmartThings, Teespring, E la Carte, Makers Row, Ambition, Lob, 7 Cups of Tea, BloomThat, Campaign, Beep, Zenefits, OrderAhead, eponym, True Link Financial, Patreon, Buttercoin, Panorama Education, Secret
Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
Partnering with entrepreneurs to build companies from success to significance.
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Google Ventures
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Harry Cheung
Harry Cheung
Founder Roostify • Worked at @Google • Studied at @Wash U
Anomaly Innovations, Mission Motors, MediaSpike, PrePay, Small Demons, Qwiki, Badgeville, Xatori, Caviar, Roostify, Secret
Garry Tan
Garry Tan
Partner at @Y Combinator. Cofounder, Posthaven. Co-founder of @Posterous (Acquired by @Twitter). Early designer / engineering lead at Palantir.
Creative Market, Craft Coffee, Kicksend, Comprehend, 42Floors, Hipset, Amicus, SendHub, Crowdtilt, LeanMarket, Directr, Gobble, Apportable, Parse, Agent, Snapjoy, Sift Science, Hullabalu, GetGoing, Boosted, Priceonomics, BufferBox, New Hive, Exec, Couple, Socialcam, Swiftype, Rescale, Perceptual Networks, SlidePay, Quarterly, Airware, Meteor, Streak, Svbtle, Lookmark, Summon (formerly InstantCab), VHX, Rainforest, Virool, Upworthy, Heyday, Coinbase, Tugboat Yards, Clever, Kamcord, FlightCar, Double Robotics, Lever, Instacart, Teespring, Heap, Ambition, Lob, 7 Cups of Tea, SoundFocus, BloomThat, Campaign, Screenhero, Beep, Zenefits, eponym, True Link Financial, Patreon, Buttercoin, Panorama Education, Secret, Frontback
Andrew Chen
Andrew Chen
Startup guy, occassional writer on metrics/marketing. @AngelList investor. Previously EIR at @Mohr Davidow Ventures.
AppSumo, AngelList, LaunchBit, Cardpool, Cubie, Secret

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