Senior Systems Engineer at SeatGeek

New York City · Full Time
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Job Description

SeatGeek Open is our front-to-back stack of services built to power an open ticketing world.

As a Senior Systems Engineer, you’ll be architecting environments for SeatGeek Open that will allow developers to safely and efficiently deploy and monitor business-critical systems that serve over 400 clients. When you're not working on SGO Infrastructure, you'll be collaborating with developers to test scalability and performance of applications operating on our platform.

What you'll do

* Own the infrastructure backing our SeatGeek Open platform
* Collaborate with the SeatGeek Open team to improve general site reliability
* Design and develop best practices around automating business-critical infrastructure
* Participate in the on-call schedule in local timezone
* Assist in monitoring, problem-solving and issue resolution for application teams

Who you are

The ideal candidate will be someone who loves architecting and deploying highly available services. You make decisions based on data and are not afraid of experimenting to get the information you need. You also have:

* 3-5 years of experience with hybrid private and public cloud architectures
* Linux administration experience
* Experience with Bash, Python, Ruby, or other interpreted languages
* Experience with supporting compiled languages such as C#, Java or Scala in Enterprise environments
* Experience with Relational Databases such as MySQL, Postgres, or SQL Server
* Strong grasp configuration management systems such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt

Job Perks

* A competitive base salary and equity stake in a well-funded growth stage company
* A culture where the product is king
* A monthly budget to spend on tickets to live events
* A laid-back, fun workplace with an endless supply of snacks/coffee/beer, frequent team lunches, and social jaunts
* The opportunity to write code that is used outside of SeatGeek, e.g. we've opensourced our a/b testing framework,Sixpack ( , our Redis-backed autocompleting service, Soulmate ( , and our Python string matching library, FuzzyWuzzy (
* A superb benefits package, including full health/dental/vision
* Hackathons: scheduled times when everyone drops what they’re doing and builds cool stuff in small groups

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What We're Building

A live event’s better because of the people by your side. You see the same things. You feel the same feels. You walk out changed for the better. And that’s why SeatGeek makes it easy to score sweet deals on tickets to more events than we can count.

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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What are some of the toughest engineering problems SeatGeek is facing now?
Lots and lots of them, but if I had to pick just a couple to highlight... 1. Event Discovery. What can we build to allow SeatGeek customers to discover the existence of live events they didn't previously know about? Or great deals to those events that they wouldn't have thought possible? A fun mix of machine learning techniques and data engineering gets us there. 2. Consistency. The ticket industry is as balkanized as any industry you'll find. There may be dozens of individual sellers for a popular game; how can we make SeatGeek a consistent interface to all that complexity, so that our customers can get the same good experience for every ticket, for every event in the country? 3. Scale. Every day, we show close to 1 billion ticket listings to our customers, spanning thousands of unique live events. How do we deal with that volume of data and still create a fast, stable, and most importantly *intuitive* experience?
Adam Cohen
Employee at SeatGeek
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
The gating factor in our hiring is supply rather than demand. i.e. how many people we hire will depend mostly on how effective we are at recruiting. Gun to my head I'd say ~40 people over the next 12 months, excluding Customer Experience (which will scale with sales volume). But there are relatively wide error bounds around that.
Jack Groetzinger
Founder at SeatGeek