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SeamlessDocs was founded on the fundamental belief that interacting with government can and should be a beautiful experience. We recognize that governments are constantly solving universal problems individually. Our mission is to build beautiful and elegant solutions that are easy to procure and implement in order to enable better government. Read More
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Join us in our efforts to bring "Interaction with Government" into the 21st century, and make it a beautiful experience.

We're looking for Mid- and Senior-level Scala backend engineers to help us build our next-generation backends which power the SeamlessDocs & SeamlessGov platforms.

If you're interested in building distributed, high-performance systems, in a socially positive business context, then get in touch with us!

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What We're Building

SeamlessDocs specializes in digitizing and automating business and government forms and PDFs.  The platform is like Google Docs for PDFs.  It allows anyone to easily convert any PDF into a fillable, mobile friendly cloud version that can be completed and eSigned from any device.  Then it builds a database in real time of the info collected and has workflow and process automation tools.

Due to its government focus, SeamlessDocs has been able to continue to differentiate itself as THE standard in government forms as well as through its government sales funnel expertise.  This allows them to avoid repetitive admin tasks and data entry; cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

SeamlessDocs has built its own proprietary eSignature technology as well as field detection tools to automatically detect fields on any PDF.

It also includes a free marketplace of forms that can be seamlessly exchanged, completed and signed online (and drive traffic to the site).

I believe that interacting with government can be a beautiful experience. Every day I get to work with talented people working on changing the way government works and building the government of the future. I feel blessed that I started working on government innovation and have dedicated my life to making sure that the next time you fill out a gov form it will be a beautiful experience.
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