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You will direct and manage all aspects of Sealed’s marketing funnel and manage Sealed’s brand in all external-facing materials. In short, you will be the voice of the company, creating simple and compelling experiences that attract customers to our products.

- Marketing Strategy: Develop, socialize, and execute Sealed’s marketing metrics, strategies, and tactics to cost-effectively increase lead generation each quarter.

- Marketing Management: Manage internal resources and external partners to execute on Sealed’s marketing strategy, including management of any necessary technical development.

- Content Development: Generate content necessary to execute various marketing strategies and marketing channels, including digital and print. Coordinate with Director of Partnerships to create content that can be approved and other marketing partners. Coordinate with sales team to ensure that all sales materials are consistent with marketing messaging.

- Brand Maintenance: Create and enforce brand guidelines for how Sealed’s brand family is used in marketing and other areas of the business.

- Corporate Marketing: Manage and execute where possible Sealed’s corporate marketing activities, including Sealed’s corporate website, press relations, and partner-facing materials.

In addition to the above responsibilities, we expect that you will help continuously improve and streamline company systems and processes that impact marketing efficacy.

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What We're Building

Sealed’s product is the HomeAdvance program, which is backed by Sealed’s proprietary data, analytics, and software. The HomeAdvance program finances home upgrades based on the cashflows from expected energy savings over time (up to 20 years). Customers receive these upgrades little to no cost upfront, and only pay based on the energy they save. Sealed becomes customers’ billing agent, paying their actual energy bills on their behalf and billing them based on a pass-through of utility bills plus an energy savings charge.

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