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Be an integral part of an innovative clean-tech startup!

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Job Description

Join a fast-growing clean energy start-up looking to solve the biggest problem in climate change today. Put your intelligence and idealism to work at Sealed to help the planet and learn valuable skills in a challenging and fast-growing startup environment.

Who are we?

We are the first and only company to finance home improvements with energy savings. With our HomeAdvance program, we pay for energy-saving home improvements like insulation, air sealing, and efficient appliances, and homeowners use the difference between their old and new bills to pay us back.

What will you do?

● Help manage sales appointment calendar and help set up new calendaring systems
● Process customer applications and notify customers of application status updates
● Maintain customer relationship management (CRM) system records
● Ensure on-going functioning of automated systems, identify bugs + implement fixes
● Create and document new and improved business processes
● If you have past experience with writing and creative content development, you will support marketing and sales content development

Who are you?

● Fired up about working at an innovative energy-efficiency startup
● Detail oriented
● Hard working
● Self-starter
● Prior work experience
● Ready to get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes to help the company

Compensation and Timeframe

• 15-20 hours per week throughout the semester
• Compensated by stipend

If interested, please send your resume to with a short note describing your interest in the position.

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What We're Building

Sealed’s product is the HomeAdvance program, which is backed by Sealed’s proprietary data, analytics, and software. The HomeAdvance program finances home upgrades based on the cashflows from expected energy savings over time (up to 20 years). Customers receive these upgrades little to no cost upfront, and only pay based on the energy they save. Sealed becomes customers’ billing agent, paying their actual energy bills on their behalf and billing them based on a pass-through of utility bills plus an energy savings charge.

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Sealed Team

Andy Frank
Founder and President, Sealed. Strong record building efficiency businesses. Previously at C3 Energy, Efficiency 2.0, GreenOrder and NYCEDC. BS Harvard 2005.
Lauren Salz
Co-Founder and COO @Sealed. Columbia economics, worked at McKinsey
Paul Gilkerson
Co-Founder and Biz Dev at Sealed Inc.
Daniel Hochman
Dir. of Sales @Sealed. 5+ yrs experience in all stages of sales cycle: prospecting, sales dev, account execution (inside & outside), account mgmt, sales mgmt.
Evan Carberry
Current: Sealed Inc. Education: University of Nottingham, Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship (MSc) (2015). Vassar College, Economics (BA)
Andrew McCarthy
Director of Marketing @Sealed. TFA alum, Harvard BA in History 2010.
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Sealed Investors

Paul Gilkerson
Co-Founder and Biz Dev at Sealed Inc.