Stephane Delbecque

Director of Product Management, ESPN International Digital Media @ESPN

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Bastien Vidal
Loic Le Meur
Founder of social software app @seesmic and LeWeb conference the #1 european tech conference
Jeremy Melul
CEO & co-founder @jogabo. MBA, Masters @stanford-university ME and Design, citizen of the world. Soccer = love, tool for change, social, real world... #NeverStopPlaying
Andrew Anker
Co-founder and CEO of Tugboat Yards
Chris Alden
Founder @red-herring, @rojo-networks • Worked at @six-apart, @tpg-capital • Investor @zozi
Anil Dash
Cofounder, ThinkUp. Columnist, Wired. Blogger at since 1999. Board member at @stack-exchange. Cofounder, @activate.