Scilla Andreen

CEO/Co-Founder IndieFlix, award-winning filmmaker, Emmy-nominated costume designer frustrated by complicated one-sided distribution deals, founded IndieFlix.

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What I Do

I love to create business models, troubleshoot and find solutions. I also enjoy making introductions, marketing and making the world a better place. #disruptor #happy #teams


Founded IndieFlix Inc and IndieFlix Foundation

Scilla Andreen, is an award-winning filmmaker, Emmy-nominated costume designer, and tireless champion of independent film. Frustrated by complicated and one-sided distribution deals, Scilla co-founded IndieFlix in 2005. Her unique royalty payment system (RPM: Royalty Pool Minutes), jettisons antiquated and complicated payment systems in favor of refreshing and transparent simplicity: a filmmaker is paid for every minute their film is viewed.

IndieFlix streams shorts, features, web-series and independent TV all over the world and pays filmmakers for every minute watched.

What I'm Looking For

Investors and strategic partnerships with a healthy, active user base to expand our brand. I'm also looking for interactive new ways to deliver content and broaden our user base. We're not just indie films, we're good movies and we pay filmmakers for every minute watched.